Introducing of AICA

Name: Asia International Cooperation Agency (AICA)
Establishment: AICA is a nongovernmental organization established by Japanese people in 2010.
Name of representative: Reiko Shirakawa
Target country: Cambodia
Contact: info(a) (please replace (a) with @)
Partner organization: The Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture (CEDAC)

Our Mission

-We are aiming at a fair society through settlements of global issues by people themselves, including poverty, education, environmental issues and gender relations.
-Especially, we focus our efforts on creating an environment where all children’s dream and hope can come true.

Ongoing projects

Project title:
Agricultural technical support for sustainable agriculture and ecological education in Kandal province in Cambodia-Aiming at a creation of environmental model area with a central focus on the international ecological village center.
(Code of project title: AICA 3)

Project period: October 2013 to September 2015 (Two years)
Number of target families: Nearly 300 households of farmers in 26 villages
Target Area: Kandal Stung district and S’ang district in Kandal province in Cambodia

The Project aims to promote sustainable agricultural techniques to encourage capacity development of human resources in the environmental education and to secure the environmental benefits. The Project also promotes primary education because of its importance as the basis of sustainable development and global environmental conservation.

An urgent issue of Cambodia, facing with a rapid development, is to improve an acknowledgement on environmental issues in local villages. For that, we need to make target families interested in a natural environment and consider how they Cambodian should consume energy. It is effective for achieving this mission that we provide target families with co-benefit agriculture techniques with environmental benefit. Besides, we cannot forget that we have to respond the biggest needs of them, improvement of living standard.

We conducted sustainable agriculture technique trainings (for instance, system of rice intensification (SRI) which doubles the rice yield) and ecological education to 300 households of the poorest farmers from 26 villages in Cambodia. Capacity development of environmental and agricultural leaders in the villages is important factor of success of this project.. Moreover, we set up the Cambodia International Eco-Center inside a local NGO, providing education to children for free, and we exhibit panels for education to villagers there. And we prepare drawing manual of each agriculture technique and an illustrated book.

Publishment and sale of an illustrated book:
We published an illustrated book for spreading how to improve the living standard with sustainable organic farming. This book is written both in Khmer and in Japanese. We have already published 1000 copies. You can purchase this book for USD 5 per copy.

Project under planning: Increasing incomes with sustainable organic farming

This project aims to link each organic farmer with organic food market in order to increase their incomes.

Projects to date
Agricultural technical support for sustainable agriculture and enhancement of importance of education in Kompong Speu province in Cambodia (Project code: AICA 2)

Activity: Spreading agricultural techniques and enhancement of importance of education.
Project period: October 2013 to December 2014
Number of target families: 334 households of poorest farmers from 34 villages
Area of activity: Kompong Speu province in Cambodia

Project goal of AICA2 :For making ZERO children give up going to school because of poverty
The objective of this project is to make a situation where all children of target families are able to go to school. In order that no children have to give up going to school because of poverty, we improve the living standard of poor target families with training on agriculture techniques. Besides, we explain the importance of education to father and/or mother again and again.

What is dissemination of education & spreading agriculture techniques?
For promoting an acknowledgement of importance of education, we persuade parents and use some movies with scenarios which drive parents to make their children go to school as soon as possible.

Contents of our spreading agriculture techniques are, SRI (one seedling transplantation) which double the rice yield, EM, chicken raising, organic fertilizer made with natural materials, growing vegetables and so on. We provide some seeds to target families ONLY at the beginning of this project.

AICA 1) 2010-2011 Village census project

AICA0) 2011 Medicine donation support for flood area in Cambodia as an emergency-relief work

Activity place: Tuololong village, Kompong Leng district, Kompong Chunan province
Beneficiaries: Villagers in Tuololong village (1,592 persons from 341 households, including 465 children)